Book Wedding Musicians: String Quartet, Trio, Duo, Violinist (Electric Violin) or Cello (Cellist) in Chilmark, MA.


The String Poets is a group of musicians that serves  Chilmark, MA. We provide wedding ceremony music in Chilmark, MA as well as other areas. The String Quartet is made of 2 violins 1 viola and one cello. We can also perform as a String Trio or even a String Duo.

We offer classical music, Jazz and pop in Chilmark, MA. The String Quartet is made of top class musicians and have a world of experience performing many genres.

To hire an ensemble or soloist  in Chilmark, MA, please fill out the contact form below.



Fitting scenes from vineyards to sanctuaries, the String Quartet – involving two violins, a viola and a cello – will add a scramble of clean to any enormous day. Regardless of whether you're encouraging a standard or contemporary wedding, our music will consume the space, leaving you with beautiful memories.

Regardless of what you have as a primary need, we can help you with picking the fitting other option, considering your budgetary breaking point, vision and setting size. Basically associate with get a second measure to select our string gathering of four for your wedding.

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